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"The Spice of Life - A Chub Rub Tale"

Picture it - the year is 2010. In the dusty twilight of a suburban backyard, two spice pioneers - nay, alchemists - are hunched over a grilling pit. After years of playing second fiddle to generic store-bought dry rubs, Nick and Danny decided it was high time they added a little extra 'oomph' to their meat game. Driven by the sizzling pursuit of flavor nirvana, they dove headfirst into the tantalizing world of spice.

Their journey began in the tumultuous sea of flavors, where they learned that spices, much like an old married couple, react differently with one another. Through trial and error, and perhaps a few bouts of indigestion, our daring duo narrowed down their options to a select roster of fine spices. The day these piquant wonders met in the blending pot, marked the spicy birth of 'Chub Rub.'

As the sun rose and set, our dynamic duo (now a trio, thanks to Zach's arrival) braved the snow, the rain, and a few minor grill fires, honing their creation. Every barbecue was a laboratory, every grill a test subject. At last, after a year and a half of grilling, tasting, and  some tongue burning, Chub Rub was christened as absolutely mouthwatering!

Friends and family were the first to be graced with the golden dust of Chub Rub. Their tastebuds sang praises of the blend, and the echoes of satisfaction led to a revelation - Chub Rub was too finger-licking good to keep to themselves! So, they decided to bottle their little magic dust and throw it into the world.

Now, we are overjoyed to pass our labor of love, our 'meat's best friend,' onto you. Our commitment to you is that every sprinkle of Chub Rub will tickle your tongue with unmatched flavor. With your love and support, we have been able to experiment and release additional flavors throughout the years. So, keep your eyes peeled and tastebuds ready for the next wave of deliciousness!

Finally, we raise our grilling tongs to you, our beloved customers. Without you, we wouldn't be able to spread the gospel of Chub Rub across America. From the bottom of our smoking hot grills, we thank you. Rember, life's too short for bland meat - 'Keep Calm and Chub Rub Your Meat'!"


God Bless.​

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