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Chub Rub Habanero Garlic Bottle
  • Chub Rub Habanero Garlic Bottle

    Introducing Chub Rub Habanero Garlic, your passport to a culinary adventure where spice meets elegance. This gastronomic powerhouse is carefully crafted from the luscious fruitiness of habanero peppers, punctuated with the vibrant zing of fresh garlic. Not only is it delightfully spicy, but its warmth is perfectly balanced - an electrifying experience for your palate without setting off the fire alarm.

    Our Chub Rub Habanero Garlic is versatile beyond compare. Desire a pronounced punch of garlic? A burst of heat to enhance your meats? It’s the hero your chicken, pork, fish, steaks, and burgers have been waiting for. Its subtle heat and rich flavor profile effortlessly elevates Latin and Middle Eastern cuisine, transforming your humble curry into a lively feast of flavors.

    Unleash the true potential of your mundane baked potato by simply sprinkling some Chub Rub Habanero Garlic, and watch as it metamorphoses into a fiery delicacy. But the magic doesn't stop there. If you wish to dazzle your dinner guests with a meal that will be the talk of the town for years to come, anoint a whole chicken with a touch of lime juice and a generous sprinkle of our Habanero Garlic Rub. Roast it on the rotisserie, and brace yourself for a poultry experience like never before. And let's not forget, it's equally fantastic on turkeys too.

    Experience the extraordinary with Chub Rub Habanero Garlic – a harmony of heat and flavor that makes every meal a symphony of taste. Embark on your gastronomic journey with us today. Because with Chub Rub, every bite is a celebration.

    5.5oz Bottle with Dual Closure Lid.


    Dry Rub, Seasonings

      1 Ounce
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