Chub Rub Habanero Garlic Bottle
  • Chub Rub Habanero Garlic Bottle

    An explosion of fresh garlic flavor with the wonderful fruity/warm taste of habañero peppers.....wonderfully spicy, but not too hot. Use anywhere you'd like a pronounced garlic presence, and a little zip...on chicken, pork, even fish, steaks and burgers. It works very well in Latin Cuisine, and used in Middle Eastern dishes, it can wake up your curry in a hurry. Try sprinkling some on a baked potato, and you'll be astounded by the new flavors it creates. If you really want to serve something your dinner guests will be talking about for years, rub a whole chicken liberally with a little lime juice, and Chub Rub Habañero Garlic Rub right before placing it in the rotisserie. You've never had a chicken like this before..... Works great on turkeys as well. 


    5.5oz Bottle with Dual Closure Lid.


    Dry Rub, Seasonings