Chub Rub Honey BBQ Bottle
  • Chub Rub Honey BBQ Bottle

    This is an outstanding blend with the slightly sweet, smokey/spicy taste of really good barbecue. Not too salty, this is a perfectly balanced blend with just the right amount on sweetness, smokiness, and spice so as to be noticeable, but not over-powering. Honey BBQ is perfect for shaking onto grilled chicken breasts as they cook, or use as a pre-cooking rub. It is outstanding on things like pork chops, pork roasts, brisket, and can liven up even the most boring hamburger. It works well on baked and boiled potatoes, too. It makes a great base spice if you are into making your own barbecue sauces. 


    6oz Bottle with Dual Closure Lid.


    Dry Rub, Seasonings