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Chub Rub Signature Tee
  • Chub Rub Signature Tee

    SKU: 2-GFN

    Flaunt your love for authentic flavors with our Chub Rub Signature Tee. A perfect pick for food enthusiasts and flavor lovers alike, this t-shirt is not just about making a fashion statement but celebrating the diversity of Chub Rub’s mouth-watering seasonings.


    Our classic-fit Unisex T-shirt is woven from premium ringspun cotton, providing you with the best in comfort and durability. The fabric breathes well, ensuring a cool and comfy experience no matter what's on your schedule.


    The shirt features the distinctive Chub Rub logo, underscored by the words Dry Rub & All-Purpose Seasoning. The text is printed with high-quality, resilient inks to ensure it stays as bold and vibrant as the flavors you adore.


    But there’s more to this shirt than just comfort and style. We believe in taking care of our planet, and that belief reflects in our production process. In fact, 33% of the energy used to manufacture this shirt came from renewable resources. So, when you sport this Chub Rub T-shirt, you're not just flaunting your flavor preferences, you're also contributing to a healthier planet.


    From the declaration of your culinary passion to the subtle style, to environmental responsibility, the Chub Rub Signature Tee is more than a piece of clothing - it's a tasteful statement. Grab yours today and proudly flaunt your flavorful alliance!

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